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Hot Holidays in Lanzarote

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The small Canary Island of Lanzarote has long been a hot favourite with sun starved Northern Europeans. As this little speck of Spain, located just off the coast of Saharan Africa, is an ideal sunshine holiday destination all year round. And is just four hours flying time from all major UK airports

Lanzarote was first conquered by the Spanish crown in the early 1400´s. Evolving into an important trading post in centuries to come - as Spain's galleons transported gold and silver from the Inca Empire back to the Old World via the Canaries. A trade which attracted the attentions of some famous privateers, such as Drake and Raleigh.

During the 1730´s Lanzarote was subjected to a six year volcanic eruption. Earning it the epithet of the Island of Fire. An apt title as around one quarter of the terrain here is carpeted in solidified lava.

Tourism first took off on the island during the 1970´s. But despite the fact that the island welcomes around 1.5 million foreign visitors a year Lanzarote remains relatively unspoiled. Thanks to the influence of an island born artist called Cesar Manrique who fought for the controlled development of tourism.

Getting to Lanzarote

The island is serviced by low cost operators such as Monarch and easyJet. As a result fares remain relatively affordable, with return flights to Lanzarote starting at around £200. The main arrival days for tourist from the UK are Mondays and Thursdays.

Accommodation in Lanzarote

The best selection of Lanzarote hotels are located in the south of the island, in the newest resort of Playa Blanca. Which was purpose built back in the 1980´s and is now firmly established as the second most popular holiday destination on Lanzarote
Anyone in search of apartments in Lanzarote should head for the islands oldest resort, Puerto del Carmen. Which boasts the highest concentration of complexes the island. See also in the Canary Islands Islas Canarias

Things to do in Lanzarote

For such a small island Lanzarote offers a surprisingly large amount of attractions and things to do. Boasting a number of natural beauty spots as well as a wide variety of unique tourist sites which were developed by Cesar Manrique.

The Timanfaya Volcano Park remains Lanzarote´s number one attraction. As the scenery here is literally out of this world - and is in fact often likened to the surface of the moon.
For a complete contrast head for the north of the island and the verdant Valley of 1000 Palms. Where locals have been planting a palm tree for each new born girl (and two for a boy) for centuries. Providing a green and lush antidote to the arid and volcanic south of the island.

Best Beaches

Lanzarote boasts over ninety great beaches. Amongst the best is the unspoilt set of coves at Papagayo in the south, close to the resort of Playa Blanca. Along with the huge horseshoe bay at Famara on Lanzarote´s raw north east coast - a popular spot with locals and surfers alike.

Many thanks to Nick Ball at The Lanzarote Guidebook for supplying this most intersting information

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