Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Holiday Home owners must keep contact details up to date

A major problem we experience at www.jmlvillas.com is that an advertiser of a self catering holiday rental does not keep his / her contact details up to date.
Most people wanting to rent a vaccation rental will use the contact box to send an enquiry email. The system does not work if the owner has changed an email address and forgets to login on the "owners" part of the site to change the details.
When an owner advertises, they can include their email address (which is not exposed, but the message is forwarded to them) a direct link to their website, mobile and landline phones and a fax number...who still uses faxes much these days?
It is a great shame people don't do this as they then think they are not receiving enquiries.
Another problem we have discovered is that when the enquiry is sent to an advertiser is has been bloocked by an anti spam device on their computer. So if you are an advertiser, do make sure that you do not do this.
Advertising on jmlvillas.com is still very good value. Only £11.75 for one year including VAT. For 365 days (and nights) a year. Advertise in a colur magazine or paper and the ad (which can often be on a small circulation) only lasts a matter of weeks or days and usually costs a lot more.
A few years back even putting a postcard ad in a local newsagent was costing around 50p a week. How many people would see it compared to the number finding the property and the full details on the web.
Please keep the details up to date and the enquiries will reach you.

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