Monday, 15 November 2010

French Radio London FRL launches in under 48 hours time

In under 48 hours time, On Wednesday 17th November 2010 - French Radio London - FRL launches. Here is their Press Release

Ecoutez! November Launch For French Radio London

French Radio London Limited (FRL) is to launch in London early in November having secured a channel slot on the London II DAB digital radio multiplex. FRL will be the capital's first French language terrestrial broadcast station and is aimed primarily at London's 400,000 native French speakers. It will also appeal to the huge Francophile community – 14 million British people visit France every year, the largest group of foreign visitors to La Belle France.

The format will be a lively, music-based mix to appeal to French music tastes, with exciting talk programmes and interviews on a wide range of topics. The enticing blend of entertaining and informative output will be designed to meet the target market's daily appetite for fast-paced, varied listening. In short, a radio station which French-speaking Londoners will tune into regularly. The London II DAB network covers the Greater London area and has the best coverage of any of the three London multiplexes, reaching 4.5 million households (11 million people approximately).

FRL is the brainchild of experienced radio broadcast consultant Pascal Grierson, FRL's CEO, who comments: "We look forward to broadcasting a unique French voice on London's airwaves. This is an exciting development for listeners as well as UK and French based commercial partners who will benefit from a dedicated platform to reach French-speaking London residents and the wider Francophile community. A bientôt sur la DAB!"

Piers Collins of Switchdigital, owners of the London II multiplex, adds: "It's been a pleasure working with Pascal and the FRL team. I'm genuinely delighted to have helped bring this much-demanded station concept to fruition. FRL will, I am sure, soon be the radio station of first choice for many London radio listeners."

FRL is taking over the channel slot released by Smooth Radio, which recently moved to the national Digital One multiplex. FRL will also be available online and on Smartphone apps.

More Information:

Primary listeners will comprise the 350,000+ Francophone residents living in London accessed via mailings, promotions and community activities/events.

FRL’s secondary target audience will be come from the Francophile community and we expect half a million listeners to tune in.

They aim to partner with leading transport organisations, government bodies, trade groups and affiliates to supply easy listening devices, links and mobile apps expanding our community beyond the capital and these shores. Many French visitors planning to come to London part-time or permanently will find FRL a comforting friend close at hand online, on DAB and mobile 3G.

Through these initiatives FRL is set to develop a unique franchise with innovative and exciting output, wrapped up in a transparent business model for business partners to embrace.

With just under two days to the launch they are playing a test "loop" to give a flavour of the station....Sounds goos

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