Thursday, 7 July 2011

Holiday homeowners in a fix according to Irish Times report

The Irish Times was delivered this morning and being a Thursday contained the "property" supplement.

Today the headline was "Can't sell, can't rent: holiday homeowners in a fix" - property journalist Edel Morgan's article started "Holiday home dreams have turned to nightmares for many – is there anything second homeowners can do?

When your dream holiday home turns into a financial millstone, it can seem like there’s no way out. You can’t rent it, you can’t sell it, you’re under pressure to meet mortgage repayments and it’s proving a massive drain on already limited resources."

The report Here goes on to report on various owner's problems. Renting it out is mentioned once and Ireland is still a great place to go to on holiday. The downside can be the cost of taking a car there. I have written several aricles now on the high costs of taking a car to Ireland from Britain opposed to the the very low costs going to France. SEE HERE

The fact that a return crossing from Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire in July 2011 is costing £427 including credit card fee is incredible. Last September it cost £286. An increase of nearly £150 is totally amazing and I am receiving email from Sea France and P&O saying take a car and up to 9 people from £35 each way. The crossing to France is 1.5 hours and twice as long to Ireland!

On the 30th June The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service issued a press release saying "The irish Government launched the first ever Irish Short-stay Visa Waiver Programme.

Under the Programme, tourists or business people who have lawfully entered the UK, including Northern Ireland, on a valid UK visa will be able to travel on to Ireland without the requirement to obtain an Irish visa. They will be allowed to stay in Ireland for up to 3 months or until their UK visa runs out, whichever is the shorter.

The visa waiver has a major role to play in boosting our tourism industry, stimulating job creation and bringing economic recovery. It will allow us to attract new visitors from fast-growing countries like India, China and the Gulf states. These countries are only just becoming aware of Ireland as a tourism destination. The waiver will allow holidaymakers from these nations to travel seamlessly to Ireland from the UK.

The visa waiver is just one of a number of tourism measures in the Jobs Initiative designed to boost tourism jobs. Other measures include the VAT cut on tourism products which starts this week, a three-pronged approach to boost air passengers, and halving employers’ PRSI. I hope this will be the first in a series of measures to ease visa requirements for tourists, business people and students wishing to come to Ireland"

Getting to Ireland by air is very reasonable and car hire costs have fallen by 50% (See Information Here)

So tourists are being encouraged and owners of holiday homes should now get them to earn their keep.

At there are lots of people looking for self catering holiday rentals in Ireland. People visit Ireland all over the year and the holiday home owner can still fit in their breaks. Sure they will have "strangers" living in their home from time to time, but just make sure all the personal possessions you don't want your guests to use are securely locked away.

Advertising the holiday rental won't break the bank when you use It only costs £12.50 for ONE YEAR. In euros that is approximately €13.90 not a lot. You get a page to feature your holiday rental with 6 photos and if you have your own web site you get a FREE link as well.

So start your listing today as it not too late to catch the remainder of the 2011 season.

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