Thursday, 20 October 2011

2012 is just around the corner so it is time to advertise your self catering holiday rental

It was only 8 days or so again when we had temperatures in the twenties in the south of England. People were enjoying the "late summer" and the beaches were crowded.

Thoughts of next year's holidays were far away, or even the half term holidays starting this weekend. Today (20th October)  the temperatures have barely reached double figures and there was a frost like. The weather forecasters have been predicting snow over the Scottish mountains! It is time to think about 2012 holidays.

Owners of self catering holiday rentals can list them with specialist firms who will normally want a good block out of the year's calendar. They have to pay the company a percentage of the letting fee as naturally, specialist holiday home rental companies will arrange booking, check renters in and out and take care of the cleaning, welcome packs etc.

Alternativel the property owner can put a post card in the local supermarket or newsagent. Many owners  have their own websites, however in addition the property owner can also list their accommodation with an online holiday home promotion site like

jml Villas has been around for years, in fact its origins go back to 2001. The formula is simple and straightforward. The advertiser pays just £12.50 for one year's advertising - that is why it is called the low cost villa advertising service

The owner add all the details about the property including six photos, local information and prices (and even a link to their own website) and updates it whenever she or he wants to.

All arrangements are made direct between property owner and renter and like the majorirty of similar holiday rental sites the Terms and Conditions state that the site is purely an advertising service and dealing have to be soley between renter and owner. If the owner abuses the service or there is a serious complaint the ad, however will be removed.


Traditionally as soon as the clocks go back as they do next weekend, the dark evening arrive people start to think of next year's holiday. This process goes on through December and after Christmas and the sales in the High Street have been exhausted out come the holiday plans.

At we want you to be part of those holiday plans and list your property now. It only take a few minutes and you can pay by credit card via the PayPal system.

Don't leave your holiday home empty in 2012 - Click here to find out more about advertising it

Finally we also have links to property insurance companies who cover holiday home rentals in many parts of the world (plus main residence as well)

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