Sunday, 24 May 2009

Apartment in Countryside Villa with heated pool only 20 minutes by train into the centre of Rome, Italy

Mick and Angela Brown would like to present to you our large Villa with heated pool, set in the rolling countryside south of Rome. 30 minutes away are the resort towns of Nettuno & Anzio with their superb beaches. Ciampino Airport is 30 minutes away. The Villa is ideal for 2 families it is divided in to 2 apartments, a 1 bedroom sleeping 2 to 5 and a 2 bedroom sleeping 2 to 6, the apartments can be rented separately. Both apartments are fully fitted with full kitchens, family bathrooms with full size showers and washing machines.

The 2 bedroom apartment also has a dishwasher and partial air-conditioning. There are large gardens and a heated pool, we have an outdoor kitchen with gas BBQ and a wood burning pizza oven. We have wine from our vineyard, homemade preserves and chutneys, olive oil from our olive trees, fresh seasonable vegetables, fresh eggs, Angela also makes pasta sauces and lasagne. Prices are for the 2 bedroom apartment for full occupancy, please email for other prices.

Transport in Rome:

Taxis: Only use official Taxis, there will be touts around the airports and train stations offering taxis services, ignore them or you will be ripped off, their cheap quote will increase when you arrive as they will add on luggage etc. Official taxis are white with the city logo on the side, even in these insist they use the meter. If you are traveling outside the city beware if they try and charge you for the return trip, they say it is because they will not get a fare back to the city, however the tariff officially increases outside of the city to allow for this so they have already received more.

This tariff changes when crossing the GRA which is the Rome ring road, ensure they do not change it earlier. To and from the airports there is a fixed rate for up to 4 people and their luggage to anywhere within the old city walls of 40 Euro from Fiumicino and 30 Euro from Ciampino, if it is outside the old city walls then the meter applies.

Buses & Metro: There is a standard fare on the buses and metro of 1 Euro, this entitles you to travel in one direction for up to 75 minutes using the metro and buses. The tickets can be bought at tabacci and newsstands around Rome, you cannot buy them on the buses. You need to validate the ticket in the machines on the buses or when you go through the turnstiles on the metro. You can get daily tickets and weekly tickets.

Trains: Trains are quite cheap in Italy although they get more expensive the more luxurious they get. For example a stopping train from Rome to Naples would costs 10.50 Euro and take around 2 1/2 hours, a Eurostar non stop costs 33 Euro and takes around 1 1/2 hours. However the less you pay the more likely you will have to stand at least some of the way, the Eurostars are reserved seats. Locally around Rome you buy a ticket for a certain distance, so a 20 Km ticket can be used for travel from any station in Lazio and you can travel up to 20 Km in one direction.

The ticket is live when you put it in to one of the yellow machines at the station to get it stamped. You can also write the start station on the ticket and the date and time to validate it as well, this is because quite often the stamping machines don’t work. You can get daily tickets and weekly tickets for use on local trains.You can get train information from TrenItalia.

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