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Fancy staying in the Kings Palace Apartments in Paphos, Cyprus? are offering this Luxury one bedroom first floor apartment, sleeps upto five people.

Ideally situated between the harbour and the popular coral bay resort.The complex has beautiful landscaped gardens and a large, well maintained pool with stunning sea views.The apartment has a large balcony which is accessible through both lounge and bedroom patio doors also with pool and sea views. It is close to all amenities and fifteen minutes from the airport.

The bedroom has two single beds and large fitted wardrobes. The lounge has two double sofa beds, a dining table which seats four people and a large wall unit. The kitchen has modern appliances including fridge, freezer, microwave, washing machine, hob, toaster and kettle etc. The bathroom has wash basin, shower and WC. The high standard of this apartment along with the ideal location makes this a desirable place for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

Local Area

Capital of the west and positively teeming with history is Pafos, site of the island's second international airport. The resort town has as its focal point a charming fishing harbour by Pafos Fort, lined with open-air caf├ęs and tavernas that serve a tempting menu of the day's catch.

It was on Pafos shoreline that the mythological Goddess Aphrodite was born - a legend that spawned a massive wave of cult worship from neighbouring countries that lasted several centuries. The large rock that juts from the sea is known as `Petra Tou Romiou' - The Venus Rock - while the Baths of Aphrodite at Polis and the 'Fontana Amorosa' - Fountain of Love -also echo her apparent penchant for the island. At Kouklia lie the remains of the Goddess' earliest Sanctuary.

The legacy from its remarkable history adds up to nothing less than an open museum, so much so that UNESCO simply added the whole town to its World Cultural Heritage List. Among the treasures unearthed, are the remarkable mosaics in the Houses of Dionysos, Theseus and Aion, beautifully preserved after 16 centuries under the soil. Then there are the mysterious vaults and caves, the Tombs of the Kings, the Pillar to which Saint Paul was allegedly tied and whipped, the ancient Odeon Theatre and other places of interest including the Byzantine Museum and the District Archaeological Museum.

Geroskipou with its remarkable five-domed Byzantine church of Agia Paraskevi, and its Folk Art Museum is a village known for many years now for its special delight `loukoumi'. Agios Neofytos Monastery, famous for its `Encleistra', Enclosure, carved out of the mountain by the hermit himself, boasts some of the finest Byzantine frescoes of the l2th and l5th centuries. Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery makes its own range of wines using homegrown grapes. A small museum dedicated to Archbishop Makarios, first president of Cyprus, is found at Pano Panagia. From here it is a rewarding drive to the majestic Cedar Valley, home of the indigenous Cyprus horned sheep, the moufflon.

Lempa village can be singled out as one with particular historic significance. In its pretty setting near the sea, Lempa's link with prehistory is the site of a chalcolithic settlement. Today the faithful reconstruction of several dwellings, gives an insight into chalcolithic life on the island.Further north lies a quiet resort, Polis, overlooking the beautiful Chrysochou Bay with its charming fishing refuge of Latsi. The low-lying scenery around Pafos, much of it cultivated with banana plantations and backed by the foothills of the western Troodos range, has an attractively open quality to it. This is the gateway to the Peninsula of Akamas, a natural wilderness of incredible beauty with breathtaking gorges, spectacular coastlines and enjoyable nature trails.

Food in Cyprus
Cypriot cuisine is rich and varied, a unique and exotic blend of all the cultures and foods of the many countries surrounding this intoxicating island - an integration of Greek, Lebanese, Turkish and Italian cuisine with an unmistakable mark that makes it undeniably Cypriot. It has been said that 'Cyprus is the perfect island where food is ambrosia and wine is nectar'. Whoever said that civilisation started on the table and variety was the spice of life surely had Cyprus in mind. In ancient times it was said that Cyprus invented the art of good living, and the island's name became inextricable linked with luxury to both the gods and humans.

In Cyprus food is a celebration of life, and if people are what they eat, then Cyprus is a vibrant, fresh and incredibly healthy nation. Whilst residing in or visiting Cyprus you will soon discover the important role food has to play in the lifestyles of the people of the island, and it wont be long before you too are caught up and this passion and enjoyment of eating and drinking. Food and drink is synonymous with life and love, as much a part of the culture as Aphrodite and Othello. Everything seems to revolve around food and drink, and a meal never seems to be a small affair. Dining is always a celebration - an excuse to get friends and family together on an almost daily basis - to relax, banter, and discuss the topics of the day. The many restaurants and tavernas in Cyprus are often full because it is such great value to dine out.

You will often see vast groups of families and friends, of all generations, whiling away hours sipping a glass of ouzo and feasting on great hunks of barbecued lamb or fantastically fresh seafood from the surrounding waters. Even working hours are arranged so that the inhabitants of this isle can take a few hours off during the midday sun to dine in their groups before snatching a quick siesta.

The simple but flavoursome food, which relies on superb local produce and clean flavours, appeals to all palates. There is plenty of choice for vegetarians too, who will be happy to find that Cypriots treat vegetables as enticing meals in themselves rather than just dull side dishes. The tap water is drinkable, the supermarket basket in Cyprus is considered among the cheapest in Europe. To help you understand and enjoy the pleasures of Cypriot cuisine we, at Cyprus Properties For You, have included a guide to some of the tastes you are likely to savour whilst you are on the island.

This sounds like a great place to visit and stay at in 2009 - Find out more here

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