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Beach Homes for Holidays, Ferragudo - Portugal

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This privately built and managed resort provides a collection of luxury beach-fronted houses - the ultimate in quality holiday accommodation. All properties enjoy sea views, air-conditioning, fully equipped kitchens and a heated shared swimming pool.Vila Castelo ResortTraditional styled properties built on the hillside overlooking the castle and beach. Ranging from apartments, townhouses, penthouses and three to five bedroom villas. Swimming pool (heated in winter months) with a summer terrace bar providing light lunches.

THE ALGARVE is a mixture of breathtaking scenery, ancient history and modern resorts, one of the most popular tourism destinations in all of Europe. Stunningly beautiful sandy beaches give way to areas of rugged cliffs with grottoes and lagoons. Golf and tennis are virtually a way of life here. The Algarve golf courses are consistently rated among the top in Europe. This is the southwestern corner of Europe and gazing out at the Atlantic from Cabo St. Vincent, you can understand why early Europeans believed it was the end of the world. Its name comes from the Moors who named it al-gharb or "the West." Their distinctive architecture dominates the historic center of the capital of Faro. White washed housing with massive chimneys and castles are evident throughout the region, which is also home to some of the most luxurious resorts and spas in all of Europe.

An alluring backdrop for anyone who enjoys water sports, Algarve's waters provide a massive playground for those who enjoy fishing, sailing, surfing, diving and so much more. To set sail from Lagos is to sail from a marina from which many of the great explorers departed during the Age of Discovery. Discovery is still an important element of vacations here. There is no end to the possibilities for enjoyment for those who come to either relax amid incredible natural beauty or join in the fun of the vibrant and invigorating culture which has evolved along this beautiful coast.

So why not visit this charming region, with its idyllic temperatures (average temperature in winter of 14°C and 24°C - 57°F and 75°F - in summer, rarely going below 12°C - 53°F- during winter and reaching as high as 28°C or 30°C - 82°F or 86° F - in July and August), which are ideal for playing golf and other sports.

Wine & Cuisine

It's easy to see why Portuguese cuisine is up and coming. Always fresh and overflowing with unique combinations of flavors to entice the taste buds, the Iberian Peninsula is a culinary delight. Vast coastlines on Portugal yield popular dishes which take advantage of the wide array of seafood available. Many of the favorite recipes have been exported abroad, but caldo verde never taste better than from the lands in which they were created.

The hability to cure hams and create mouth watering sausages has been perfected over the centuries with each region having their own secret methods. Lamb and even rabbit are transformed in dishes that call on the amazing selection of vegetables. The homemade breads and cheeses are like none you will find anywhere else in the world and those with a sweet tooth can enjoy a wide range of desserts, cakes and pastries.


Some of the finest wines in the world have the origins on the Iberian Peninsula where wine production has been a way of life dating back to the days of the Romans.

Apart from Port and Madeira wines, Portugal produces more than one hundred different varieties of wines. Internationally recognized as some of the finest in the world, Douro, Alentejo, Dão wines as well and Vinho Verde are noted for their unique and crisp flavors.

Because an holiday is not just about Accommodation, we have have special activities to provide you unique moments during your stay at Vila Castelo Resort and the Algarve.

Vila Castelo Resort Yacht Exclusively for our guests

Invite your friends for a fantastic half day trip to enjoy the Algarve Coast and its treasures.

Swim the clear and warm sea waters, be in contact with nature, the unique scenery, the privacity, a delightuful snack and much more to discover onboard of our private Yacht.

For further information please contact our reception 00351 282 460 370 for a day/half day or sunset cruise.

Vila Castelo Resort Kayak A Different FUN day!!

Wake up in morning and start exercicing, why not with a Picnick combined with observing nature, rowing throught the beatiful Sea and Arade River chanells. Beaches and caves watching the natural life from all the bird watching to the sea life.

For 2 adults and 1 child (including the life jackets), an adverture day in family!!!


Discover the deep Algarve……

Why not to discover the deep Algarve, and get to know the beauty of its underwater flora & fauna??

One day diving for experienced divers, Diving packages for beginners, Undewater games for children in the Swimming pool, Diving courses and much more... The perfect relaxation and sea therapy!!

What to know more? Here is the place to find out for your 2010 vacation

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