Wednesday, 11 November 2009

November is here, so it is the time to list your holiday rental on the Internet with

We are nearly in mid November and it getting rather wintry after a very mild October in Britain thanks to the warm air blowing up from the Med.
Many people are thinking of their 2010 holidays and to save money in this credit crunch era, why not take a self catering holiday rental.
This is the time when property owners should be lising their villas, gites and apartments on a low cost villa advertising service like www,
It doesn't actually cost a lot, in fact only £11.75 per year!! Not a lot. You could buy a couple of bottles of wine for that in the UK, a meal in a pub (for one) plus numerous other examples.

November and December are the ideal times to list self catering holiday rentals and now advertises properties in over thirty one countries worldwide and the numbers are continuing to increase.

We would like to hear from you and remember you can pay for this by credit or debit card and in many countries advertising costs can be set again TAX!!

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