Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Beware of villa rental scam enquiries

One of the jmlvillas.com clients emailed us a few days ago to say

"I imagine people have already alerted you about having received emails about renting properties that are in fact scams. The wording is slightly odd, always on behalf of \"clients\", and always wanting to send money immediately, so often asking for bank details. The one I had recently was from Switzwerland - supposedly a Mrs A.... D.... for \"Euroag.../Consultants\", and it came to me through your agency. I realise that you can\'t check your customers, but if not already done you could warn you"

We replied back "Unfortunately this is a problem on the Internet. www.jmlvillas.com is an advertising service, like a newspaper and magazine. This means anyone can contact an advertiser with "his / her request for holiday accommodation"

We have no control whatsoever on emails that a client receives, however it is done via a response box and you can only add a restricted number of words and what is more you the advertiser's email address in not exposed.

When you would have originally advertised, we would have sent you an email with a receipt attached and in this email we warn advertisers about this problem.

We also have this page http://www.jmlvillas.com/page/advertise and one of the questions and answers is "How do I avoid RENTAL SCAMS IN HOLIDAY RENTAL HOMES? For more information, see our comprehensive guide to avoiding rental scams. " (you will have to click on the link in blue)

When going to that page on the left hand side below the blue jml insurance logo are several more pages on this subject.

It appears that there have not been quite as many around in 2009 as in previous years, but do keep a look out for similar email and thank you so much for bringing this to our attention."

We then received this email on the 12th December 2009 and added it our lengthly section on the website HERE .

"December 2009 We received an email on an enquiry forms on one of the jml Group websites on the 12th December 09.


NAME - K.... S...

FROM_EMAIL - s.....k...@yahoo.com

COMMENTS - Greetings,

I inquiry for reservations for 3 couples coming for their honey moon at your property,I would like you to get back to me with the following..

The availability of the dates
The Daily cost for the required dates
The total cost for the length of their stay.
Do you accept credit card payment.
The arrival date for the couples will be 5th February and they will depart on 20th February 2009 ,Their stay will last for 15 days. Do get back to me with the requirements as stated above. Kindest Regards,Dr K....

We replied " Good morning You don't actually say which property you refer to, which country and so we believe this to be a Rental Scam. Please do not send any more of these emails. Thank you "

It is now the 15th December, we never had a reply to our email, it it been a genuine enquiry, there should have been a reply.

If you own a self catering holiday rental, PLEASE TAKE GREAT CARE WITH ANY BOOKINGS THAT DON'T MAKE SENSE.

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