Thursday, 4 February 2010

BCC Riviera Goes International

The BCC (British Chamber of Commerce) Riviera has a new look for the new year. It has taken the decision to undergo a name change, and will now be known as the Riviera Business Club - the network for international business people.

Whilst the organisation will still be backed by the BCC, it is felt that the new name will better reflect the growing international composition of the club’s membership - and help to broaden its reach across a part of France which attracts a wide range of nationalities.

Speaking at the recent AGM, Ab Kuijer, President and initiator of the new Business Club, explained the rationale behind this decision. “We’d like the organisation to be ‘nationality neutral’, to encourage business people from all parts of the world to join.

If you come to France from Argentina, for example, you might feel that you wouldn’t qualify for membership of a British Chamber of Commerce, but you’d probably feel more comfortable approaching an international business club - and it’s this sort of hurdle that we want to remove. We’d like business people of any nationality, who are living and running their businesses on the Riviera, to feel welcome.”

This decision was unanimously adopted by the members who attended the AGM, and a new web address has already been registered: Those accessing this site will automatically be directed to the existing website, which will soon take on the new branding.

The AGM was held at the Media Garden Hotel in Sophia Antipolis on 22nd January, followed by a luncheon for members and friends. A review of the successful events which had taken place during 2009 preceded a preview of some of those planned for this year. Topics to be covered include Making your own website in 15 minutes, Green Marketing brings new clients, Social Media; what is your strategy? and How to start up/maintain your business in France.

jml-Training and Consultancy ( ) and jml Property Services ( ) are members of the BCC Riviera. They welcome the news of the change of name to the Riviera Business Club.

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