Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Elections in France March 10

France has held regional election on two consecutive weekend in March.
It is very interesting to see how the poster campaigns are carried out in different countries.
The photo on the left shows a contrast bewteen Ireland and France.
The top photo is in Ireland. Whenever there is an election the correx boards go up. They appear to go any public vertical posts -lamposts, street signs, electric cable support, telephone poles, traffic signs and you will often find several on one post. The roads will be full of them.
You will not often see them displayed outside someone's home (like in the UK).
In France neat boards are errected for the posters when the campaign starts. These are not correx boards, but posters stuck to the metal municipal allocated zone.
It must be a good business to be in, in Ireland manufacturing all these high quality boards. With the housing market still slow there, it must be another use for those manufacturing. There is no election on the horizon in Ireland for a while apart from Northern Ireland and together with the rest of the UK will probably be full of election signs outside individual's houses in the very near future.
If anyone can contribute to this blog on how political party signs are displayed in other countries, please do so.

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