Sunday, 16 May 2010

New holiday rentals scam

17th May 2010. that long established self catering holiday rentals advertising site received the following email from a client this morning:

"Warning new scam email"

Hi please could you warn your property owners of a new scam... an email is received asking to hire property for a number of newly ordained Greek priests. Somebody named Andy Halford says he will give his credit card details to pay the deposit, but also wants you to pay a large sum for translator fees.

Please be warned this is a scam. Once the transfer is done, before the credit card company can check his card is default, communication is lost and you are left with the liability.

This is a problem that of course has been going on for years. We have created a few pages on the subject at

  • Never accept payment from someone who wants you to arrange additional services like translators fees, purchase a bike, or pay for their air travel.
  • Never accept a payment in excess of the cost of the stay, if you, don't return any balance till the original credit has finally cleared as otherwise you will find you have fallen for the scam and will be out of pocket.

    For more information visit:

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