Friday 13 September 2013

For nearly the price of a fine tarte apricot at Valbonne you can advertise your holiday rental at jml villas

A couple of Fridays ago it was a hot sunny day in Valbonne in the south of France.

After visiting the Friday market, we bought this fine apricot tart. So fine and tasty was it that before I had time to take a photo a section had gone.

The price €10. Great value. However this superb item from the local bakery was soon gone and had not been for the photo forgotten.

For just a little more money, probably on today's exchange rate around €15 for GBP £12.50 including VAT an owner of a self catering holiday rental in Valbonne, other parts of France or even many countries in the world could be advertising their holiday home at Unlike this fine delicacy on the left it would not be gone in a few hours or a couple of days max. It would be there for an entire year. 

It would also be seen by man,many, many more people than would have seen this fine object even had it been displayed in a p√Ętisserie in the centre of Cannes.

The advertiser who has their holiday home on the site has a six photos, prices plenty of details and of course a link to their own personal website. Not bad value for £12.50.

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