Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Changing babies nappies in French restaurants

Last week on two consecutive days in the south of France, babies were having their nappies changed on restaurant tables. In both cases they were outside, however the outside area actually formed part (and in one case all) of the restaurant.

In Biot on a Wednesday evening there was this mother changing her baby with diners all around, fortunately I was not in close proximity. The next day at lunchtime in Villefranche sur Mer, I had just finished eating, but others had not and this couple put their baby on a pad on the plastic table cloth on the table they had been eating at and proceeded to carry out the change operation.

Apart from offending those enjoying their food, had I walked past that restaurant whilst the baby was being changed, I would not have wanted to eat there.

It must be a difficult situation for restaurant owners, however as I have never seen this happen before wonder if this is a “one off” or rather two off situation or has it come common now in France.

In both cases the restaurants (like many older smaller establishments) only had very small toilets, however I did notice that on the Thursday the baby’s parents had a very smart pram and the operation could have been carried out in/on the pram in the street outside.

It would be interesting to hear other similar stories, as I don’t personally think this helps the much quieter tourist industry this year.

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