Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Pre-existing conditions Travel insurance for over 50s launched

This story came to us on Friday 23rd October on a news alert and has come from the Insurance Daily site.

Over 50s insurer staysure.co.uk has enhanced its offering with the creation of a new service aimed at improving the options of those with pre-existing medical conditions.

The firm has launched a comprehensive new product which covers a large number of minor pre-existing conditions free of charge.

Staysure.co.uk’s medical screening programme will also offer those with illnesses including diabetes, heart problems and cancer.

The firm also aims to offer competitive pricing, with coverage from just £14 for a couple spending a week in Europe to £35 for global travel.

For single trips those up to 85 are eligible, annual multi-trippers can be up to 81 and up to 76 is the age limit for for long-stay.

Chief Executive Ryan Howsam has described the firm’s mission as providing the over 50s with the best possible insurance at the lowest cost.

Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions can have great difficulty acquiring the insurance coverage they require, but it seems to be a concern that is being addressed by more insurers recently.

Last month broker Heath Lambert and First Senior Group formed a partnership specifically to provide those with such conditions with coverage, and a similar deal occurred between Heath Lambert and the British Polio Fellowship.

Staysure advertise their “Over 50’s Travel Insurance" and “Holiday Home Insurance” at the two jml insurance websites and jml Property Services acts as introducers.

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