Wednesday, 26 May 2010

eCar insurance helping to cut fuel & holiday costs

Just had an email from e car insurance.

The cost at the pumps have hit a record high and we’re now paying an average £1.21 a litre for unleaded. However, while we wait to see if the new coalition will reduce fuel prices, we have compiled a list of fuel saving hints and tips to offset the impact of sky-high fuel costs:

Pump up tyres - under inflated tyres makes your car work harder and use more fuel

Empty your boot - carrying unnecessary weight makes the car less efficient

Streamline your car - remove external racks when not required for less drag

Drive less - or share the commute with friends and colleagues

Get your car serviced - if you haven’t, it’s less likely to be operating at its most efficient.

Finally: Good value car Insurance: OK, not a petrol saving tip, but still a great way to cut motoring costs! Find out more here at

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