Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Having difficulty letting your holiday rental in 2010?

Has the downturn of the world economy finally caught up with the self catering holiday rentals business?

2010 could prove to be a difficult year. At jmlvillas.com we are still seeing a lot of copy email enquiries going to property owners, however some of the feedback from owners is that it is quieter than usual.

We received an email a couple of days ago from an advertiser in Portugal who looks after several properties saying that there was not so much interest in larger properties and that the enquires for apartments were increasing.

Another owner who has holiday rents in England has reported that 2010 is certainly much quieter than last year.

People have concerns about jobs and flight disruption. British Airways cabin crew are planning more strikes later in May and the Volcanic ash problem from Iceland is not blowing away.

Many holiday makers maybe looking at last minute bookings this year and if you have a self catering holiday rental do consider the rental price you are marketing it at. If the prices are too high, you won't get the visitors. Be competitive.

Look out for cheaper alternatives to advertise your holiday rental with. Newspapers and magazines have a very short lifespan - perhaps a few days or even a month and can be very expensive as well.

Consider the Internet. That too can be expensive with some companies charging over £100 for an annual advertisement plus lots of add on fees for web links etc. At jmlvillas.com we have been around since 2001. We have a well established web site and supplementary web sites and we only charge £11.75 per year including VAT.

There are no booking fees or additional charges for photos, links or live telephone numbers.

For further information follow this link http://www.jmlvillas.com/page/advertise

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